A Personalized Concierge Salon

About Us

Park & Swoope Salon is an exclusive Winter Park personalized concierge salon that promotes an elegant lifestyle while enjoying community experiences.

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About Park & Swoope

Park & Swoope Salon is a new Winter Park salon by Hillary Williams, a Winter Park native and European-trained Master Stylist with experience in France, New York, and the UK.

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Park & Swoope Mission:

Creative Expression is not just about hair. It is about how your look and desires fit into our ability to bring out your best-self. At Park & Swoope, we are attentive, whilst always keeping up with the latest trends in order to provide our clients with a non-monotonous and distinguished look for a wide-array of occasions.

Hours Of Operation

  • Monday: By Appointment Only
  • Tuesday: 10-7
  • Wednesday: 11-6
  • Thursday: 10-7
  • Friday: 11-6
  • Saturday: 10-4
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Beauty Tips /"Do" it like a Pro

    Post-Workout/Oily Hair Tip:

    Bumble & Pret-a-powder is the best post workout product! The secret is to massage it well into scalp. It is instantly invisible and dries up natural oil. This allows the hair to get its texture and volume back. This product is now available in small travel size.

    Clean Hair Tip:

    Bumble & Bumble's Dryspun Hair Spray is incredible for your hair on days you do not wash.

    Hair Volume Tip:

    Ironically, our detangling brushes are GREAT for both teasing and adding volume to your hair!

    Bring Your Picture In:

    Clients bringing photos of models or themselves to their stylist helps the stylist get a better understanding of how you see shapes & color. This gives your stylist insight on the best personalization of your desired look.